The Contemporary Dance class will start with floor work focusing on core and contractions to find relaxation and basic movement patterns of the body. It will then progress to standing exercises focusing on control and off balances. Each session will be finished with traveling combinations and guided improvisation to explore students’ self-expression. This class will incorporate fluid and softer movements whilst transforming posture and balance. We hope to nurture creativity, technique, and confidence to help prepare students to be more versatile and expressive dancers along their dance journey!

The Syllabus is designed to:

  • Provide a safe practice for young dancers to learn the fundamental principles of Contemporary Dance
  • Incorporate improvisation through creative tasks to explore self-expression and develop movement capabilities
  • Gain confidence in movement through the vocabulary of Contemporary Dance technique
  • Improve balance, coordination, strength, and stamina
  • Allow students to explore their own creative self-expression whilst challenging themselves both creatively and physically

Class Information for 2022 will be released soon. Stay tuned!

Recommended Attire
– Leotard/ long sleeve top with leggings/ long pants
– Socks/ foot thongs/ bare feet